Happy New year 2018! That’s How We Roll In Lahore

New Year 2018 FireWorks at Bahria Town, Lahore
Source: Pro Pakistani

Inside Lahore wishes Happy New Year 2018 to its followers! We hope you are happy and prosperous and the new year brings a lot of hopes and wishes come true. An occasion of happiness and everybody enjoying? Who witnessed that? Well, we also did. Let’s see how the ZindaDilaan-e Lahore celebrated this joyous occasion.

The Celebrations

The whole city was immersed in happiness as the last day of 2017 said its farewell. Everyone came out of their houses, and crowds were seen celebrating it with everyone. Dances in the public on drum beats were very energetic. As the new year commenced, the public came out on roads. Liberty, Mall Road and Minaar-e-Pakistan were populated with the enthusiastic Lahoris.

The Fireworks

New Year 2018 FireWorks at Bahria Town, Lahore
New Year 2018 FireWorks at Bahria Town, Lahore
Picture Credits: Dunya News
New Year 2018 FireWorks at Bahria Town, Lahore
Source: Pro Pakistani

The mesmerizing Fireworks at Bahria town were completely astounding. The sky was shimmering in all shades and glows of fire. The patterns and the synchronizing fire beats excited the audience a lot. Check out the video here if you missed the event. The Eiffel Tower was covered with lights and was looking very attractive. The audience enjoyed quite the show put on by the dancing fountains which were enhanced by colorful lighting.


The Politicians

New Year 2018, Lahore
Source: Pakistan Today

Politicians also blessed and shared good wishes for the country and public in the new year 2018. They said they were looking forward to a better Pakistan and igniting the positivity spark in public. Everyone wishes us to be hopeful for very optimistic outcomes in 2018. the Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif said,

”The Pakistan of 2018 will be more peaceful, bright and strong as compared to the Pakistan of the past; In sha Allah the new year will dawn as a hope for the country’s bright future and a strong economy.”

The Security

New Year Security in Lahore 2018
Source: Express Tribune

Security was kept very tight for the New Year 2018 welcoming celebrations. The police were seen patrolling the roads and areas involved in celebrations to ensure the safety of citizens. The celebrations were spent peacefully, thanks to Allah Almighty and the security conditions.

We hope you enjoyed it too. Let us know in the comments if you did! And Happy New Year 2018 once again.