5 Upcoming Events in Lahore

streets of Lahore

Winter is at its peak but that never stops Lahoris from going out. Here are some crazy upcoming events taking place in February that you sure don’t want to miss!

Dawn Education Expo:
If you’re hopeless about your career path right now, trust me black magic isn’t going to help you. You need to head over to dawn educational expo on 7th and 8th February ASAP. Career experts from all over Pakistan are invited to help students on choosing career paths through various workshops.

dawn expo upcoming events in lahore

Comic Con Lahore:
Do you want to dress up as your favorite character without getting judged by your family? Say no more! Comic con is just around the corner with activities including cosplay walk, gaming etc. It’s taking place at Royal palm on 10th February so get your tickets already!

upcomming events in lahore

Lahore Literary Festival:
Ah! My favorite event of the year. (No one dare criticize) If you’re a literary freak like me dreaming about meeting renowned authors, your prayers have been answered. LLF is here in town and the best part is that it’s free!

It’s going to be held in the end of February so keep yourselves updated. There are also food and book stalls which gives you all the more reason to go.

Mohsin Hamid being interviewed at Lahore literary festival

Galleria jewellery exhibition:
This one is for all the ladies in Lahore who enjoy drooling over jewelry especially in this shaadi season. Faisal jewellers is hosting an event exhibiting their latest jewellery collection at 9C Mall. Be sure to check it out!

Zameen property expo:
Taking place on 10th and 11th February, Zameen property expo serves as a platform for real estate agents, engineers etc. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss out on this opportunity to learn everything firsthand about property.

upcoming events in lahore zameen expo

Do not miss out these happenings in February! You’ll thank me later.