6 things you would miss if you leave Lahore

lahore food street

Thinking about leaving Lahore? How about you reconsider? Here are six things you would miss if you left Lahore:


You can go to any other place that you like, but you’ll miss shopping in Lahore. Anarkali, Rung Mahal, liberty are famous for their variety and affordable pricing. Stick to Lahore if you don’t like going broke. Just saying.

ladies shopping in a bazaar

2. Food

Just one question– Are you sure you can live without Lahori food? Seriously?

lahori halwa puri

3.The bright lights

How can you not miss the nightlife in Lahore? Leaving Lahore means saying goodbye to the fun. My sympathies are with you.

lahore city lights

4.Androon shehar

It would be a torture to be away from the beauty of Androon shehar. You can’t find Badshahi Masjid or the shahi hamam somewhere else, can you?

badshahi masjid

5.Talkative people

Leaving Lahore means not being surrounded by the most talkative creatures on this planet. Be it a neighbor, friend, darzi or a rickshaw driver, Lahori people never let you get bored. It takes one-fourth of a second for a Lahori to initiate a conversation.

two people laughing

6. Art

Lahore is the hub of art and a city of opportunities. From the city street art, exhibitions to truck art, Lahore is literally a canvas laden with paints and colors. Also, leaving Lahore means leaving a sea of opportunities behind you.

street art

What would you miss if you left Lahore? Let us know in the comments!
p.s you’re not actually leaving, are you?