7 traits that define you as a paka Lahori!


Do you call yourself a true Lahori? Take a look at this list and think again. Some traits that establish you as a typical Lahori are:

  1. You have said these two phrases a gazillion times if you’re a paka Lahori, ‘Lahore Lahore ae’ and ‘Jinay Lahore na vekhiya o jamiya nai’

2. You love food. Be it fast food or a typical desi khana you don’t say no to it. Food is the ultimate focus of a Lahori. Have you heard the saying Lahoris don’t eat to live, they live to eat! You might not know whose shadi you’re going to but you’ll go there for the food.

street foods of lahore3. You know every alternative route that is not even available on google maps. With never-ending traffic jams Lahoris always know which ‘shortcut’ to take. ‘bus 5 minutes mai ponch raha hun’ Did I forget to mention that Lahoris never make it on time? Reminds me of my best friend, ‘Just because I said I’ll be there at 11 doesn’t mean that I’ll be there at 11. You were supposed to know I’ll come an hour late!’ Yeah…my bad.

traffic jam in lahore

4. Gossip: If there’s one thing that lahoris don’t know what to refrain from, that’s gossip. ‘pata hai shabana ka rishta teh hogia?’ ‘pata hai shabana fail hogai?’ ‘pata hai shabana ne pani pia?’ You get me don’t you? Gossiping is a Lahori’s guilty pleasure and privacy is a word alien to them. ‘beta apni secret diary to dikhao’ umm there’s a reason why it’s called a secret diary mom. Hint hint.

gossip comic

5. Lahoris are very welcoming. They can never stop talking and basically win at mehman nawazi. Lahoris bid their farewells to their guests a thousand times: step 1: say khuda hafiz thrice when the guests say they’re leaving. step 2: say khuda hafiz two more times when the guests are actually leaving. Step 3: say khuda hafiz when the guests are sitting in their cars. Step 4: wave at them until you cannot see their cars even with binoculars. step 5: victory!

desi guests meme

6. You’re very possessive and defensive about your city. You’ll never admit Karachi ki biryani is better than Lahori biryani. Never. You say one bad word about Lahore, and I’ll haunt you in your nightmares.


7. Lahoris know how to celebrate events. Be it a shaadi or birthday, Lahoris know how to party! They just need an excuse to party even if the excuse is extremely insignificant; ‘yar bore horhe hain party krte hain.’


Can you resonate with most of these traits? Let us know which one of these make you a paka Lahori.