The most anticipated event of the year: Basant

Kites, colors and pure joy! The most anticipated event of the year: Basant! Years ago, some of the traditional desi aspects that defined Basant, when it was celebrated, were:


Who could celebrate Basant without a patang? Months before Basant took place, patang makers would start crafting kites which would become the main focus of people in bazaars. The vibrant, colorful kites vary in sizes and were the main source of income for craftsmen during basant.

Patang baazi:

Kite fighting was the main attraction of the event and people would scramble on rooftops to play. The sky would be filled with colors as hundreds of kites sway in the breeze while occasional victorious sounds of ‘Bo Kata!’ used to fill the air with enthusiasm.


‘Mama mere pas koi peele kapray nai hain ab mai kia krun?’ This used to be my typical dialogue– in a very whiny voice, every time Basant was around the corner. Trust me, wearing vibrant colored clothes on Basant, especially yellow, was no less than a matter of life and death for the ladies.


Long before Basant was banned, Lahoris used to decorate their houses, especially rooftops where the patang baazi used to take place. Floor cushions and gol takiye would be covered with yellow and orange covers and flowers were also used occasionally for decorative purposes.

Basant songs:

Basant is incomplete without Basant songs that used to play all day long on speakers. The iconic ‘Patang baaz sajna’ has been played at literally every basant. Not even kidding! And the best part is no one got tired of this song. People used to sing their hearts out and dance to it like there’s no tomorrow.
Even though Basant had been banned for several years, one cannot stop a Lahori from loving and remembering Basant. It is still missed by Lahoris and every year people hope that it will be celebrated.