Coke Food Fest is back with a bang!

Coke food fest

Calling all the foodies in Lahore: Coke food fest is back with a bang, bringing with itself the FIFA world cup trophy! And like always, there are exciting stalls, activities and musical performances to make this event memorable!

Where and When?

This time Coke Food fest is taking place at Lake City Golf and Country Club on 2nd, 3rd and 4rth February. It’s hosted and organized by Coca-Cola in collaboration with Activemedia, Foodies R Us, and Media world. The entry is only for Rs. 300 and only families are allowed so make sure you go with your families. Here are some things to look forward to at Coke Food Fest!

coke fest

FIFA World Cup Trophy!

There one significant element that makes Coke food fest extremely special this year. THE FIFA WORLD CUP TROPHY! *gasps* It’s going to be displayed at the festival for everyone to obsess over it! If this doesn’t excite you I don’t know what will! It’s basically the biggest attraction of this event for football enthusiasts! So don’t miss it!

You know you can always count on Coke food festival for yummy food. At the last Coke food fest, there were over 70 stalls! There’s a hell lot of variety of delicious food to choose from and is quite reasonable at the same time. *imagines biryani and ice cream* All this talk about food has made me hungry now!


Coke food fest is incomplete without music.Well, guess who’s coming to perform this time! Any guesses? SAHARA, QB, SAHIR ALI BAGA, QUADRUM, ALI SETHI and many more! These guys are bound to make Coke food fest amazing.

musical performance at the coke fest
Need I say more? Get your tickets already guys! This is one event that you won’t regret going to!