French fashion designer introduced Lahore Flats

All u need is new shoes!!

the famous French designer Christian Louboutin has recently launched his Pakistani inspired collection of shoes called ‘Lahore Flats’

 Christian Louboutin is known throughout the world for his creation of show-stopping red soled flat shoes.

Christian Louboutinlahore flats

he designer visited Pakistan earlier this year and was invited to a dinner inside Lahore, who was in Pakistan attending an exclusive dinner hosted by the Art Divvy Foundation in April, visited design and art schools, made appearances at art events and traveled to sites to take in what Pakistan had to offer. Over the period of his short stay, Christian fell in love with the culture of Pakistan and their love for food.

The official Louboutin Instagram page recently shared pictures of Christian Louboutin’s new shoe lines and among them was the Lahore Flat.

lahore flats

The ‘Lahore Flats’ is available in three different styles and being sold for more than $700. Louboutin shoes are special because the red sole under them is a protected trademark in many lahor flatsInterestingly, the description of the flats reads: “Lahore Flat features a gorgeous scarf feature that wraps around the leg and ties abundantly behind the ankle-which one could say resembles a dupatta, or scarf. The shoe was also inspired by Christian’s visit to a scarf designer in Venice.