Guru Randhawa’s ‘Lahore’ is all you need to hear right now!

    guru randhawa's lahore

    More than 165 million views, this song has made its way to Billboard! Yes, I’m talking about Guru Randhawa’s new single Lahore! Guru Randhawa’s ‘Lahore‘ is all you need to hear right now! This song is stuck in everyone’s head. You might not remember your syllabus, but I bet you know every word of this song.

    'Lahore' makes it to Billboard

    Guru Randhawa, an Indian singer, released Lahore at the end of 2017 and guess what it’s only getting more popular! ‘Lahore’ is about a girl with whom he has drawn similarities with several cities including London and Delhi. (Feel free to dedicate this song to your crushes.) Not only did he sing this song, but he also wrote the lyrics and composed it. (Damn!) On top of it, the beat drop is sick!

    Guru randhawa


    This song is receiving appraisal from literally everywhere. Lahore has recently made its way to Billboard Top 25 chart! Crazy, right? According to Guru Randhawa, it was his lifelong dream to make it to the Billboard charts. Guru Randhawa has also previously released catchy numbers like ‘Patola’ with our very own Bohemia and ‘High rated Gabru’, both of these gaining millions of views in a couple of weeks! ‘Patola’ even won the best duo song at 2016 PTC music awards. He also sings for Bollywood movies. Remember ‘suit’ from the movie Hindi medium? Well, you can thank Guru for that!

    Guru and Bohemia
    Guru Randhawa is a musician to watch out for! (In other words, stalk him, people!) Also, check out ‘Lahore‘ if you haven’t already and I bet you won’t be able to stop dancing on it!