Lahore Safe City Project

Lahore safe city project

Launched in 2016, the Lahore safe city project aims to improve the traffic management system and communication, ensure the security of the civilians and introduce an anti-terrorism monitoring network. According to Shahbaz Sharif, the Punjab safe city project is four times bigger than Islamabad safe city project and costs $40 lesser.

The safe city project was initiated in 5 cities by the Punjab police. This was approved by the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP). The Punjab safe city project was established under the Punjab Safe Cities Ordinance (2015). The estimated cost of the project is Rs 39,852.71 million. In each of the city, office buildings of the safe city have been constructed.

punjab safe city project signing ceremony
Punjab safe city project signing ceremony

In order to improve security, the authorities have recently installed more than 7000 cameras all over Lahore (in 2000 locations). Around 385 police communication officers have been recruited increasing employment opportunities simultaneously. Pictures and data of criminals have also been installed in cameras to alert the authorities. Moreover, face identification software and number plate identification software have also been introduced under the project. In addition to this, women safety Smartphone application has been launched by the PSCA in order to protect women.

Lahore safe city project is also working with various departments of the city (waste management and environment) to provide clean water and improved sewerage systems. Other developmental schemes include widening of roads and improvement of hospitals.

According to authorities, the same initiative will be taken in six other cities as well. Let us hope that this project proves successful and paves way for a safer Lahore.