9 inexpensive things to do in Lahore

wazir khan masjid

In case your wallets are pretty much empty and you’re bored of sitting at home, here is a list of inexpensive things to do in Lahore:

1.Expo center

If there anything that’s free, it’s most of the countless exhibitions taking place at the expo center. There are book fairs, festivals, seminars, and exhibitions which are open to the public. It’s the perfect place to spend your time if you’re broke and vela insaan.

Education Expo at the Expo Center
2.Lahore Museum

No it’s not boring like the history lectures you slept through in school. It’s actually pretty cool so give it a try!

Lahore museum
Lahore museum

3.Historical sites

You can always visit historical sites like the Wazir Khan mosque, minar e Pakistan, Jahangir’s tomb etc… The architectural masterpieces are bound to leave you speechless no matter how many times you see it!

wazir khan mosque
Interior of Wazir Khan mosque


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5.Wagah border ceremony

It is a patriotic flag raising and lowering ceremony at Wagah Border. It costs you nothing but gives you back excitement and joy.

Wagah border ceremony
6.The tomb of Baba Shah Jamal

Visit the tomb of Baba Shah Jamal if you’re looking for something different to do without spending a dime. It is a spiritual experience with brilliant lights, dervishes, and the rhythmic music.

shrine of baba shah jamal
7.Window shopping

Window shopping is always an excuse to kill boredom and drool over expensive things. On the bright side, you can enjoy judging aunties wrestling with each other over sales.

anarkali bazaar
8.Jallo park

Gather your friends and family and go on a picnic. This may seem old-fashioned but Jallo Park is the perfect picnic spot because of its serene atmosphere. There is also boating and a mini zoo and most of it is for free.

jhallo park
9.Eiffel Tower Lahore

Paris janay ki tou ijazat nai milni so how about going to Bahria town to see Eiffel tower’s replica? It’s truly beautiful!

Eiffel tower replica in Lahore
Now stop being a couch potato and step out already!