Lahore Public Transport Buses Reported for Women Harassment

Women harassment in Lahore
Source: Pakistan Today

Sexual harassment is a serious problem in our society. Our society being a developing country requires people from both genders going outside their houses. To pursue their education, careers and otherwise recreational purposes.

An independent non-governmental organization conducted a research on Lahore’s public transportation means and found shocking evidence of sexual harassment. The women who were traveling faced certain levels of staring, stalking, indecent gestures, offensive whistling, vulgar comments and inappropriate touching during their experience.

The Report

According to the report, 903 women participated in the perception study, along with 100 bus drivers and conductors. the Lahore Transport Company and Metrobus facility was under observation. the study also comprised of focus groups and detailed interview of important informants.

The results suggested that some of the main reasons for women’s sexual harassment in public areas include:

  • The inadequate infrastructure of transport stations, less space for crowds
  • Improper security arrangements for protection of women in the crowd, at the entry and exit points for unnecessary stalkers
  • a gender-neutral approach by transport administrators and policymakers, no special emphasis on women rights and boundaries for the genders.
  • social attitudes towards women and girls, where men think they are superior and can do anything however they please.
  • lack of awareness about sexual harassment rules in both genders, where the females accept it as an evil in society and men keep doing it because of no action against them.

The guests who attended the report’s publishing ceremony informed about their personal views. they said it is a huge change in our culture that the government and social organizations are supporting women mobility. now women can travel in public buses, but the society will take certain time period for accepting it as a normal thing.

The guests mentioned that they were looking forward to a culture where men and women were being treated equally. They are trying to make separate waiting areas for the women in public transport stations.