Shameless Response on Human Rights activist Asma Jahangir’s death!

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Human rights activist Asma Jahangir died of the cardiac arrest at the age of 66 in Lahore, she was in her home at that time.

Asma Jahangir was a prominent figure in Pakistan, who always stood for the survival of democracy and rights of minorities. Most of the time she criticised for having liberal thoughts upon Islamic extremism but she never back off from her stance.

Many people are mourning over her death but unfortunately, some are having celebration moments because of her outspoken personality and thing she did for rights protection.

Such people have taken Twitter to respond to her death that they are happy she died. Asma Jahangir was under the spotlight many times. some of the people claimed that she was Indian agent, who works for Indian agenda because she defended minority Christians charged with blasphemy. an offense which led to the death penalty. Blasphemy is a hot topic for Pakistani people. If someone tagged with Blasphemy title people responded withour thinking much but at that time she stood for Minority’s rights.
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Not only this but she was the one who made a noise on Women’s right and equal formation of gender. Once foreign newspaper disclosed that she was included in the hit list of Agencies.

“No amount of pressure will deter me from representing women in distress it has been my life mission, Till the last breath stand by them.”, Asma Jahangir

While some people think her death is a “great loss” for Human rights, others are having a fine moment with it.

Asma Jahangir started fighting for rights from her early age, she handled many cases which were scandalous and other lawyers rejected to handle them, she was hope of light for many people. She was the first woman to serve as a president of Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan. She had many achievements under her umbrella, let’s not forget this!

Lets just not criticised individuality choices and thoroughly examined the things she had done for many people but as we can say if one wants to raise their own voice in Pakistan then there will be more haters as compared to supporters.