Is SimSim yay or nay?

sim sim

What is the uproar about? Pakistan’s first ever digital wallet, Sim Sim has become the talk of the town! Is Sim Sim yay or nay?

What is it?

An online mobile banking bank, Sim Sim by Finja is quickly becoming popular amongst people. It is working in collaboration between FINCA Microfinance Bank and FINJA Pvt Limited. To use it, all that is required having a valid CNIC and bingo you can set up your wallet. Its features include managing funds, paying bills etc…

Sim Sim at Coke Food Fest:

Sim Sim sure knows how to attract people. At Coke Food Fest 2018, it made an irresistible offer of paying a person 100% cash back on their ticket! All one had to do was to select Sim sim as the payment method of the ticket. The minute I came to know of this, I made a rush for this offer! After downloading the app and setting up my wallet I was good. Instantly, I selected Sim Sim to pay my coke fest ticket. I didn’t even have to step out of the house to get my ticket. Smart, right?

Sim Sim offers 100% cashback at coke food fest
Not only did I get 100% cash back on my ticket, I also got a 30% discount while buying food from various stalls associated to Sim Sim. This was no less than a dream come true for a foodie like me. Several food stalls (associated with Sim Sim), including the rice bowl, had held exciting contests to target foodies. Needless to say, Sim Sim played a significant part in the Coke Food Fest’s success!

30% discount on food at coke fest via sim sim
Apart from social events, Sim Sim is working with various companies dealing with stationary, apparel etc… to capture consumers through attractive discounts. If you’re making plans for the weekend, make sure you set up a Sim Sim account first to avail some decent discounts! In short, Sim Sim is totally yay!